Can you imagine a world without Islam? : neoliberal

Can you imagine a world without Islam? : neoliberal

Fact: the average Muslim contributes more good things to society than the average /r/The_Donald poster

Well yes but that's also true of the average capybara.

The capybaras are certainly cuter.

I was expecting more people bashing on my ancestors.

I am very glad to be wrong. The internet's left me more than a bit jaded when it comes to these posts.

We'd still be using Roman numerals without Arabic numerals…

😬, I think this guy wants sharia law

If this got to /r/all, I would be so happy.

Vaccines were probably invented by the Tschinese though.

The Chinese were the first to discover and use a primitive form of vaccination called variolation. It was carried out as early as the 10th century, and particularly between the 14th and 17th centuries. The aim was to prevent smallpox by exposing healthy people to tissue from the scabs caused by the disease. They did this by either putting it under the skin or, more often, inserting powdered scabs from smallpox pustules up the nose.

It was probably invented by the chinese, then made its way into the muslim world and then to europe.

Great, so we have another group of people we can laugh at for bigots being racist towards.


That's the point, Sergeant.

That's the joke.

Edit: oh look the brigaders are here.

Hey! E=mc2 was discovered by a Jew. Oh wait, that also triggers t_d, carry on.

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